Sustainability is becoming a priority for every business and being environmentally aware is now a major factor across all industries, with exhibitions and events being no exception to this.

Event organisers, contractors and exhibitors are becoming increasingly focused on achieving a sustainable approach to presenting services and products.

As a contractor that specialises in bespoke, custom built exhibitions, Oakmace strive to use innovative designs to reduce non-reusable materials and focus on reusing stand elements to keep any waste to a minimum. This provides many benefits including cost savings for the exhibitor at any future exhibits, reduction of labour and quicker installations.

There is a great interest now in re-using custom exhibition stands and elements from the stands, instead of the desire for new stands for each exhibition. Oakmace Exhibitions offer storage and transportation solutions which provides exhibitors with both convenient and sustainable options.

Reusing stand elements allows exhibitors to remain consistent with their marketing strategy as well as promoting sustainability as one of their main objectives.

Oakmace Exhibitions can advise on how to achieve a sustainable exhibition without compromising on the quality of the stand or taking away from the desired branding.

Many materials used for exhibition stands are now recyclable which minimises any waste. With all organisations involved in the event following the 3R’s; Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, the environmental impact of the exhibition is kept to a minimum.

Oakmace Exhibitions have years of experience in the industry and with this knowledge can advise exhibitors and assist event organisers in achieving an environmentally aware, successful exhibition.

If you would like information on sustainable exhibition stand design and build, Oakmace will be delighted to assist you.