A good design is at the heart of any successful exhibition stand.  Many other factors have an influence but layout, shape and form are crucial in giving our clients that competitive edge. The importance of design is that it transforms the marketing objectives into a three dimensional environment that attracts attention to the brand and reinforces the marketing message. 

Many years of exhibition design has given us the expertise that allows our clients to feel confident that we will provide a seamless result which will be delivered on time, to budget and exceed all expectations.

With our 3D and CAD capabilities, we take a client’s initial brief and create sketches, concepts, images and realistic colour renderings of how the stand would look before building it. This enables our clients to fully visualise the design concept in advance of the build. This allows us to explore all details and possible options to find the most cost effective method for our clients.

Our highly experienced designers use the latest software for exhibition design and from incorporating company branding they are able to create an innovative and bespoke solution.

We don’t use repeat exhibition designs time after time. Instead, we produce unique designs which position our clients above their competition. We transform initial marketing objectives into a three dimensional feature which attracts the target audience.

After completion of the design we produce working CAD drawings for our craftsmen to ensure the stand is built accurately.


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